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Nike leads the sale of double eleven sports products Anta first breaks the 1 billion cost of soil winners

2018-11-12Source:The intern


The “Double 11” shopping festival in the 10th year was not lost, and the turnover of goods reached a new record of 213.5 billion yuan.

On the sales transcripts of the "Sports Outdoors" category, the two major sports giants Nike and Adidas still occupy the top two. Local brands Anta and Li Ning are surpassing PUMA and other international big names, ranking third and fourth.

In addition, the brands that enter the top ten sports outdoor list are FILA, PUMA, New Balance, Skechers, Converse and Xtep.

In 2017, Nike was the first company in the history of Tmall apparel to break through 1 billion. In less than a minute, it announced that it had sold over 100 million yuan and led the sports consumer goods category. During the event last year, Nike not only cooperated with Tmall to open two offline smart stores, but also its 50 direct-operated stores also deployed “online order offline delivery”.

In comparison, this year's double 11, Nike appeared a bit low-key during the event. In addition to issuing full reduction coupons and low discounts on some products, there are not many American brands.

However, Nike is still the most powerful sports brand in the list, ranking high. This year, just one minute after the opening, Nike’s turnover reached 100 million yuan and exceeded 1 billion yuan before 12 noon. In addition, according to the data of the China Business Research Institute, in the double 11 pre-sales segment, Nike became the brand with the most sales scheduled by the whole network.

Adidas, after Nike, is still ranked second in the sports outdoor category. Under the e-commerce strategy, in addition to regular discounts, the German brand launched a “Double 11 City Series Limited Edition” for the event this year – the joint-name UltraBoost running shoes, four cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, four Shoes, each limited to 1111 pairs, the pre-sale phase was quickly snapped up.

As of now, Nike and Adidas's double 11 all-day sales have not been specifically disclosed.

In terms of local brands, Anta ranked third in the sports category, with sales reaching a record high of 1.13 billion yuan. It took 6.5 hours to break the 2017 record. In the past three years, the brand's double 11 sales were 170 million, 400 million and 670 million yuan respectively, which has been greatly improved this year.

Li Ning's sales in the whole day reached 360 million yuan, ranking fourth in the sports list, and the Anta Group's FILA ranked fifth.

It is worth noting that many new faces have been squeezed into Tmall's “100 million clubs” this year, including Jordan Brand, a sub-brand of Nike. Jordan and Under Armour were ranked 10th in the sports list in the middle of the event, but in the end, this position was taken by local brands.

During the pre-sale period, sportswear sales have been very eye-catching – Nike Air Max, Adidas Stan Smith, classic canvas shoes All Star 70 high-end retro models and New Balance 574 and Vans Old School explosions, the number of scheduled at least 6 number.

This year's Double 11 event took only 56 seconds, and the sports outdoor industry turnover has exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming the most popular sales category.

Author:Grand view editor
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