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Brand asset needs profit and safety guarantee

Customers are capable of distinguishing different enterprises from the brand of the product they consume. Different brands embodies different enterprise or product. Similar products on the market need brand to differentiate with each other. When facing many similar products that bear no brand, customers usually don’t know how to make their choice. Customers use brand to differentiate the demanding product. Their loyalty towards trusted brand is high, and low for strange or disliked one. Enterprises should build brands that could draw loyalty, love and satisfaction of the customer.


As long as the brand is attracting, it will be marked in the minds of customers, which is difficult for competitors to imitate, because the brand image has already been deeply secured in customers’ minds. Imitation on the manufacturing process and the product design is easy, while it is difficult to imitate the brand image.

A great, reputable and profoundly influencing brand is actually an important competitiveness for the enterprise. Brand not only can help the enterprise on trade and transaction, but also give long-term benefit and safety guarantee for the brand holder. In a word, brand not only can bring benefit for the enterprise, but also produce long-term benign benefit in the future.

Why brand is so important? The answer lies on the value it attached to the product and service. Brand produces enterprise value, and enterprise produces social value. A brand planning company in Nanjing believes that business operators should effectively merge the value of these two together.

Brand asset is related to value of brand and enterprise, market share, and income level of enterprise. Customer individuals and groups feel the value brought by brand by thinking, and then they combine theis individual value and group value into the brand value. In the end, the outcome of the consistent value is the active consumption of the brand product from customers. By doing this, there will be not only first time consumption, but also the repetitive consumption, and they even call their friends for consumption.


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